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Guided visit of Tours

Mercredi 01 juillet 2020
Office de Tourisme de Tours Val de Loire
78- 82 rue Bernard Palissy
37000 TOURS

Pedestrian visit in english with a guide in the historic areas of the city. The City of Tours was founded in the first century on the left bank of the Loire River. In the Middle Ages, two distinct areas developed: The City around the unsinkable mound of the cathedral area and the area of Châteauneuf, also known as the old city, around a huge collegiate dedicated to Saint Martin. Royal Capital from 1440 to 1520, Tours saw at the end of the Middle-Ages and at the beginning of the Renaissance, the rebuilding of practically all its urban houses. At that time of flourishing growth, the City inherited from a homogenous block of former houses and religious buildings which will be discovered during this tour.

Jours Matin Après-midi
Mercredi - de 18:00 à 20:00
Catégorie Tarif
Adulte plein tarif 6,00 €
Autre tarif 3,00 € (Titulaire de la carte patrimoine et enfant de 12 à 18 ans)
Gratuit / (Moins de 12 ans)


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Courriel : info@tours-tourisme.fr
Téléphone : 02 47 70 37 37

Site internet : http://reservation.tours-tourisme.fr/fr/evenements/1745244/general-guided-visit/afficher-les-details?search=s%3D20160322&filter=pl%3D609817


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